Extended Services - Primary

Extended Services - Breakfast and After School Club

Our Breakfast and After School Club is an exclusive service provided to parents and carers of students from reception to Year 6 at our Academy. Competitively and realistically priced, we work to keep costs as low as they can be so it is not surprising that places in these clubs are in demand.

We are very proud of the extended services support we can offer you and your child/children. At our Breakfast and After School Club we want your child/children to thrive and for you to feel confident that your child/children are being looked after in a safe and friendly environment.

We provide a healthy and fulfilling breakfast in the mornings.  As research will tell us children are more attentive and concentration improves when they are not hungry or thirsty.  We also find children who do not have a good breakfast tend to snack on often high sugar items which do not enhance learning.  

After school is a time for play and enjoyment, teamed with activities to ensure children can socialise and learn in a warm friendly environment.  The After School Club offers a basic tea with fresh fruit and drinks to enable the children to sustain their energy and have some time with their friends to explore new ideas not necessarily available during school time.

Our 2015/16 intake provides for a limited number of places and if you would like to place your child/children in either the Breakfast or After School Club, or both, please pick up a parents & carers information booklet from the Primary Reception.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Primary Section or our Extended Service Office. If you would like to visit either the Breakfast or After School Club to see us in action please contact our Extended Service Manager who will be pleased to meet with you.

Please remember places are limited and will be on a first come first served basis.

Contact Number

Extended Service Office:       020 8320 4842

Primary Section:                     020 8320 4840

Secondary section:                 020 8320 4800

Breakfast Club - Information

Spring/Summer                   Fruits, Choice of Cereal, Toast, variety of drinks available

Winter                                   Fruits, Choice of Cereal or Beans on Toast, variety of drinks available

Start times:                          7:30am - 8:45am - Monday to Friday

Cost:                                     £5 per day

Please Note:  Breakfast will finish at 8.30am


After School Club - Information


Spring/Summer                  Fruits, Choice of Sandwiches & variety of drinks available

Start times:                         3:15pm - 6:00pm - Monday to Friday

Cost:                                    £8.50 per day