Restorative Justice


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Over the past two terms we have been developing Restorative intervention Approaches and solution focussed therapy to support our caring ethos. These two approaches explore different ways of working with students, staff and parents to encourage greater communication, commitment, accountability with and to each other. At the Business Academy we work hard to underpin the Academy ethos on restorative approaches by highlighting the importance of positive communication, the importance of relationships alongside self-respect and valuing individual differences. This approach can involve two students, or a larger meeting supported by our trained staff.

A high proportion of both teaching and nonteaching staff have attended training with Henry Kiernan, a lead practitioner form the Restorative Justice Council. We know that our students work better when we work with them, the underlying principle is that we listen to one another  and can change with help and support.

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Mr Henry Kiernan


As a restorative school we aim to: 

Address discipline by restoring relationships rather than punitive authority.

Promote respect for the whole community, students, teachers and parents/carers.

Promote the highest achievement academically, morally and socially.

Listen to every voice.

Develop and sustain respect.

Celebrate diversity and difference.

( Mr Henry Kiernan /Lead Practitioner  & Niall Fallon Vice Principal/Head of Secondary)