English students Grim and Grisly success!

Year 9 English students entered a creative writing competition, which involved  writing a fairy tale with a gothic twist. Fourteen of these gruesome and grisly tales were selected to be published and will appear in the book Grim Tales – Southern Adventures. A copy of this will be sent to the British Library and further libraries across the UK. The academy library will also contain a copy of the book, which is scheduled for publication on the 30th September 2015.

 Published Students:

  • Natasha Penic . Zainab Alaka . Laura Thackray . Dulce Lopes . Omorinola Mark Henna Hussain . Daniel Banigo . Danny Whiting . Jake Ayliffe . Ola Hassan Bhavini Jethwa . Alysha Travis . Jack Bashford . Nikolas Bogdanovic

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