Fair Banding Tests – Monday 2nd December 2013

The Academy operates a fair banding policy and requires that all applicants (including those children with a statement of special educational needs) take a standardised cognitive ability test (CATs) which will ensure that, if oversubscribed, the intake will be representative of all levels of ability.  The use of fair banding ensures that the Academy does not unlawfully admit a disproportionate number of high ability children.   The results will be used to place each child into one of nine ability bands representative of the national ability range.

If the Academy is chosen as one of the applicant’s preferences on the common application form (CAF), the child will be invited to sit the banding test at the Academy in order to be considered for admission.  The banding test is a non verbal reading test which measures general intelligence without the need for learned knowledge.  There are three short tests with an example given before each one to reassure and give the child confidence.  They are a series of patterns, designs or familiarities which require a multiple choice answer.  They do not involve reading or writing and this is not a pass or fail test.  The test should take approximately one hour to complete.  All equipment required to complete the test will be provided by the Academy and applicants do not need to wear school uniform.

Applicants who have taken the banding test will be considered before other applicants who have not taken the test.



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